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File Share to Sharepoint Migration

Data Migration involves translating and transferring data from the old to a new system.


The need for data migration arises when businesses intend to upgrade their database, migrate to or from a hardware platform or migrate from an old to a new software. Data migration is also implemented when enterprises plan to merge parallel systems between two companies.


At TeBS, data migration is an expertise.  We ensure that your critical data and information is being safely migrated. TeBS offers data migration tools such as Data Migrator, Sharegate and Wrapper, for users. The data migrations tools are powerful and precise and stand out amongst their competitors. TeBS follows a four-step data migration strategy that involves Analysis, Transfer Setup, Migration and Testing.


Data Migration offers benefits such as 1-to-1 migration verification, mapping folder names to metadata, migration of multiple folder levels, replacement of non-supported characters in a file name and value-added services.


Find out how we can help you with the migration process using the SharePoint Migration tool below.

SharePoint Migration Tool