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Content Management System

TeBS’s Content Management System builds and maintains websites to give your business an enhanced and flexible digital experience. 


TeBS proposes to leverage on a simple, easy-to-use, lightweight Content Management System (CMS). The TeBS iCMS is built on a proven, community-focused Content Management System using the ASP.NET MVC platform.


The iCMS comes with an enterprise repository and portlet capabilities along with social collaboration, document management, records management, knowledge management, web content management, imaging, and a few other frameworks.


Content is built from easily composable building blocks. Modules extend the system in a very decoupled fashion. For example, a commenting module can easily apply to pages, blog posts, photos or products. A rich UI composition system completes the picture and ensures that users can get the exact presentation that they need for their content.

Choose the TeBS iCMS for all your content management related business needs