Integrate. Expand. Integrate.


By extensibility we mean, a framework that enables developers and technology partners to interact seamlessly, integrate and expand with all Nintex capabilities.


Nintex Workflow Cloud has the following extensibility offerings.


i) Native actions

Extensibility with Nintex Workflow Cloud begins with native actions that:

  • Span a variety of enterprise grade functionality
  • Helps easily extend your business processes to a variety of process scenarios


ii) SaaS Connectors

Quickly access a set of SaaS connectors based on common process automation scenarios:

nintex workflow cloud platform

iii) Connections Manager

Easily manage your connections with the ability to:

  • Create and delete connections as you see fit
  • Name those connections to help identify their role in the workflow   


Check out the below presentation about extensibility on the Nintex Workflow Cloud.

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